Sunday, January 20, 2013


Three Little Roosters in a Little Tin Pan
My sister asked me what I was making for lunch today,  I tuned a cute jingle and said “three little roosters in a little tin pan”, with this I’ve come to the conclusion that my three year old nephew’s nursery songs have insanely brainwashed me.

The choice of the little roosters is strategic.  They cook faster, they are far more juicier than chicken, no carving involved and nobody fights over who gets what.  At my house, the three of us love drumsticks and wings, guess who always gets stuck with the chicken breast?  Let’s just say that serving a little rooster to each table person = portion/taste/peace and strategy. 
I’ve treated these roosters like “mini thanksgiving turkeys”.  I stuffed them with bread, almonds and fresh herbs, wrapped each with thinly sliced pancetta, salt, pepper and NO oil.  They came out of the oven speaking loud, crisp and moist, juicy, tender and succulent.  No gravy needed just a roasted potato and a fresh salad on the side.  

three little roosters in a little tin pan


3 little roosters
9 thin slices of pancetta
3 slices of dry bread
a handful of almonds
fresh herbs: sage, rosemary, thyme
1 garlic clove
salt pepper

Salt the roosters inside and out - use very little salt because you will be adding the pancetta which is quite salty itself.  Stuff the roosters with coarsely chopped bread, almonds, fresh herbs and garlic, leave some stuffing aside so you can sprinkle on and in between the roosters.  Wrap each rooster with 3 slices of pancetta.  Place the roosters in a tin pan and cover with aluminum foil.  Cook in a preheated 220°C oven for 40 minutes, remove aluminum foil and cook another 10/15 minutes until golden brown.


  1. I dare say your three year old nephew’s nursery songs have inspired you. And in a right way! These pics are so tempting. Wish I were at your lunch table today.

    1. Thank you Stefania, as my sister and my N.1 follower, I'll deliver a juicy rooster to your home soon...or maybe I'll just invite you over, if you bring the wine. Note: red wine is superlicious with this crisp-out and moist-in rooster, it just washes everything down so luxuriously :-) Deal?

    2. Deal! When are we invited?

  2. No way, you're getting better day by day. So? what's the conclusion? Did you enjoy it? :-)

  3. You can't believe how your "getting better day by day" makes me happy. I'm working (and eating) on it. Thank you for stopping by.

    P.S. Did I enjoy it? Let me tell you that I didn't use a fork or knife, no hands either. It was teeth only, Viking style :-)

  4. OMG!that looks really yummy..thank your for sharing your recipe!

  5. Hi Dorothy! Thank you for visiting.