Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Crisp Winter

This salad will open up a new world to your taste buds.  The ingredients are 4: fennel, fennel leaves, orange and (raw) beets.  The dressing is minimum: extra virgin olive oil, orange juice, salt and pepper. The equipment: a mandoline slicer.  A knife wouldn’t do the same job, unless you’re one of those Japanese chefs that slice with ninja gestures as they toss food in the air, having it fall back in the plate done and perfect.  The mandoline gives you the same result and is still very entertaining.


Here’s the story.  Having tried to slice my vegetables paper thin and having failed the several times I’ve tried…could it be for the knife, could it be for the lack of skills or because I’m not a chef, I decided to go buy myself a mandoline. The mandoline I wanted was a professional one, not just because it makes me feel like a professional chef but I wanted to buy a good one that would last a long time.  So here I go showing off the brand new mandoline to my son and husband as I slice away.  Amazed as they were with the high definition slicing effects, they stood by my side with ohhhs and wows.  Ohhh look how thin! Wow it can get thinner, look! The entertaining went on and reached its peaks when the moment of sorrow hit me all at once in the deepest of pains.  I felt thousands of needle stings concentrated in my finger, a sense of fire was rushing towards the tip.  The entertaining kept on going from the passing out of my son, my husband running for band-aids and my poor finger raised in the air, with a chunk of meat missing as I counted one by one all 10 fingers to be sure they were "all" still there.   Mandolines are seriously dangerous!  I didn’t know how dangerous they were until my finger told me.  Be sure you follow all cautions before using one.  Needless to say, I threw out the salad, cleaned up the mess, wrapped up the finger, put a heavy duty glove on and started all over again.  The result is in the picture.  I could have done some thinner slicing but I was still under shock.



  1. very nice work! Well done!
    Have a nice day cheers chris

  2. Thank you Chris and nice to meet you :-)

  3. Fennel is one food I still gottta try. This looks great. Hopefully will try soon. Great presentation

    1. Hi Megha! You need to make sure you put it on your shopping list. It's very versatile, I mainly use it in salads but it can also be baked in the oven with besciamella and lots of parmesan cheese. See you soon :-)