Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainy days and...

Blueberry Muffins

Rainy days. What a good excuse to stick inside and bake. In this case, muffins, a bunch of muffins.  I’m trying to use up my frozen berries, making room in my freezer for the soon to come summer season, when I’ll be stacking up again.  So this was the last batch of blueberries, next ones will be coming in summer when I go picking in those mountains again.  I thought I’d use them by making something simple and humble just like a muffin can be.  Simple in its preparation, simple in taste and simple to eat, especially if you are like me when it takes just two bites.  I got this recipe from an anonymous cookbook that came free as part of the package when I purchased my Kenwood and out of all the recipes for muffins I’ve tried, I think this one is the best.

You don’t need to use blueberries, you can add anything that adapts to your taste, it can be rhubarb, apples, chocolate.  Mix with some nuts, like walnuts, pine nuts, pecans or just use the basic recipe and add some lemon zest in the batter.  The only thing you need to make sure you do when making muffins - so they turn out to be true muffins and not cupcakes - is to quickly mix the batter by hand and just enough to have all ingredients hold to together.  

The tip is: do not blend your ingredients but mix them roughly by hand, you are not looking for a smooth mixture. Be sure to mix the dry ingredients first and separately mix the wet ingredients.  Add wet ingredients to dry and be quick. That’s all!



  1. I've tried them, simply delicious!! Can I also use little chocolate drops?
    and thanks for the tip, very helpful!!
    Antolella :-)

    1. Ciao Antonella, of course you can use chocolate chips (and if you like mint, you should add chocolate to the batter, chocolate chips and a mint flavor. This will give you a delicious "after eight" muffin). :-)