Monday, March 11, 2013

Homemade pasta with...

                           Pistachio Pesto and Ricotta
The pasta I make at home usually follows the Italian tradition, varying from lasagna to cannelloni, from a carbonara to an amatriciana or a simple fresh tomato pasta with basil and a slight garlicky accent.  I also like to use basil pesto, which goes beautifully with pasta, as well as, with meats, potatoes, tomatoes and pizza.  But what doesn’t go well with pasta?  I’ve eaten it even with chocolate and shredded coconut.  If you think that’s a punch in the stomach, try it first and let me know.
Lately, I’ve fallen in love with dried fruit pesto, especially pistachio pesto, the nutty, earthly, aromatic, pleasant taste enhances just about everything, from sweet to savoury.  I always have a jar, for ready use, in my pantry.  When I get a hold of a really good quality pistachio, I make my own pesto.  The pistachio I prefer to use is from Bronte, a city in Sicily, in the volcanic area. The mineral rich soil and the Sicilian sun give these pistachios such an intense, full flavor.  Sicily is the only place in Italy where pistachios are cultivated, this is why it is so difficult to get a hold of them. If you are lucky enough, you can probably find a Bronte pistachio pesto at the supermarket.  However, you don’ t necessarily need to use Bronte pistachios, there are several quality alternatives which are just as good.  A friend of mine brought me some from Turkey and - going against my Italian pride - they were even better than the ones from Bronte.

To make a really good pistachio pesto, use a natural, raw, unsalted good quality.  Buy them shelled, as the shell keeps the flavor intact and make the worthwhile sacrifice to remove the shells and peel the pistachio from its skin.  The skin is easy to remove, you simply need to soak the pistachios in hot water for a few minutes, drain them and rub them in a clean tablecloth.  That's all folks!
Pasta with pistachio pesto and ricotta cheese PESTO SAUCE PASTA3


  1. bella questa pasta, decisamente molto invitante e appetitosa! Anche io adoro la frutta secca con la pasta, la infilo a dire il vero un po' dappertutto, anche nel risotto..
    niente gita dalla maga delle spezie questo week end, ma penso di andarci in settimana così ti rimedio lo z'atar!

    1. Thanks Barbara! Con lo za'tar ho giusto in mente di fare un altro tipo di pesto di frutta secca con dello za'atar. Ancora non so che sapore abbia ma so gia' come usarlo. Andiamo bene!

  2. This looks amazing Elvira. I love nut pesto. Your photography is also outstanding. thanks for posting.