Monday, March 25, 2013

Lazy Greek Strudel

Lazy Greek Strudel 

Apple Strudel
I’m not sure if I can honestly define this recipe as a Strudel and get away with it.  The traditional Austrian Strudel pastry is very elastic, worked vigorously, rested, stretched by hand very thinly, thin to the point of transparency. A true delicacy. I wish I could have invented such a versatile dough.  When I adventured to make it for the first time, I thought it was going to be quite a task, instead it was easy, easy enough to be repeated over and over again, leaving a rewarding emotion each time.  
The recipe I use, comes from my mom’s precious archive, which was passed to her by an Hungarian friend, who defined it as a “secret” traditional family recipe.  You can imagine my disappointment when I did some research and found that the recipe was no secret at all, actually it’s the most common used!  It is, however, a simple and easy version which never fails to do its job.  For how simple and easy it is, the procedure isn’t quick and when you’re feeling lazy on a late Sunday afternoon but craving for something sweet and delicious, something like an apple strudel, here’s the solution.
You’ll need filo dough, yes, something Greek in change for something Austrian, when you are too lazy to even move a finger.  This is why I have decided to call this recipe a “Lazy Greek Strudel”.
First step, is to call for volunteers, line them up and assign a task to each. One to peel and chop the apples, one to brush the butter on the filo dough (which you have handy in your freezer and which you have already defrosted), one to mix, fold and roll.  This would be the easiest way to get what you want without doing nothing at all.  It could be though, that nobody is around to do the job for you, in this case, you are still lucky because the prep time is only 15 minutes…not a bad compromise on a lazy Sunday afternoon for something like a Strudel, close enough to be a Strudel and just a good as one.
Sooner or later, I do promise to post the true version of a Strudel, for now I'm sure you'll find this lazy version a good alternative.
Apple Strudel Apple Strudel


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  2. Mmmhhh, exquisite! That is one mouthwatering treat.



  3. Thanks for sharing. What is the oven temperature?