Friday, April 5, 2013

A Sweet Craving for Strawberries

Crêpes cover

If you live in Rome, you’ll notice that as soon as April comes around, you’ll start seeing strawberries in grocery stores and farm markets.  This may lead you to think that they are now in season and “in a way” they are,  but…

I always say, if you want delicious, sweet, juicy fruit, pick it from the plant, pick it ripe and, most of all, pick it organic. The ones you find now in supermarkets are greenhouse strawberries and before they hit the markets, they are probably picked unripe and kept in refrigerators, losing most of their vitamins and flavors. Nothing against it, this is how most of our fruits and vegetables are sold in grocery stores anyway. The right compromise would be to buy organic strawberries from farmers you trust and on the spot.  I don’t know if I am psychologically inclined to this thought, without being too picky, I prefer to eat as healthy as I can with the consciousness of the Era we’re living in.  
Go buy your freshfarmermarketorganichealthy strawberries and make some delicious Frenchy crêpes!  These beautiful strawberries are like a breath of fresh air and a hint of summer, that we’ve been waiting long for. 
Crêpes2 Crêpes3


  1. Hi Elvira! It's Lisa from the fall interns...These look absolutely amazing, I can't wait to try this recipe. Your pics are always so refreshing. They have absolute drool quality :-)

    1. Hi Lisa! :) I can't believe I just saw your comment. I hope you made these and enjoyed them. I know you are a nutrition freak, just like me ...this is that type of dessert that eases off cravings without feeling guilty! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Delicious looking pancakes! I love strawberries, but unfortunately I am not a big fan of their price... ;-)



    1. Hi Rosa, you're right! They are quite expensive even here in Italy and if you buy them organic even more but it's worth it considering that they're in season for such a short period of time and I can't resist not eating them. I planted some in my garden I hope they grow and make big batches of strawberries!