Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blackberry Buns with Warm Vanilla Sauce

blackberry buns
Fall is slowly approaching in Rome. The scorching heat and melting asphalt roads are replaced with cool mornings and decent warm days.  Swimsuits and shorts are back in the closet for some, others still lay out on beaches enjoying a less pinching sun bath.  Autumn colors are starting to make their way, some leaves are found on sidewalks, a gentle breeze accompanies morning walks and finally, nights are soundly slept wrapped in the cuddle of a comfortable blanket.

Tomatoes have been jarred, the last eggplants picked, cucumbers pickled and zucchini are no longer on their plants.  Chestnuts fall from trees, mushrooms release their earthy fragrance, grapes are ready for harvest. There's a change in the air, an in-between feeling that doesn't want to let go to summer, yet is ready for fall. These fine buns portray in food this summer nostalgic sentiment and crisp rosey cheek awakening feel.
blackberry buns
The last plump and ripe blackberries that summer has to offer are snuggled in the warmth of a dough that grows light and soft. A generous amount of icing sugar to snow on their surface and a smooth, luxurious, vanilla sauce that entangles flavour and seasons.

I learned this recipe from the talented Kathreinerle, with just a slight change in flours, using half regular flour and half rice flour. I then used dried yeast instead of fresh, the rest is exactly as Kathreinerle shows on her blog.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! Those look sooooooo delicious!!!

  2. Heavenly! I am a big fan of buns and blackberries, so I find this combo extremely appealing.



  3. Divine buns!! Love that it's doused with powdered sugar so generously!!