Monday, November 11, 2013

In the Woods

The WoodsThe WoodsThe WoodsThe Woods
The WoodsThe Woods
The colors in fall bring warmth on these sharp brisk weather days. They stand strong in the rain and make their way through fog and mist.  The browns and oranges, blues, greens and grays embrace me as I walk through the woods.  The rainy damp weather is there, I don't feel it, nor see it. I'm delighted as I watch a falling leaf that softly floats and now twirls fast at the pace of the whistling sound of wind.  It dances its way to the ground elegantly and silently.  I'm distracted as I watch my steps on wet leaves,  I'm about to slip, and a tree is there to assist.  It's young and strong and doesn't bend, dressed in a vivid green moss it holds my hand and I'm back up straight.  I may seem out of sort and insane, but I love to walk in the rain.

These are the surroundings in my area while my family and I scroll through the woods in search of those mushrooms we yet need to find.  

The pancakes? That's the breakfast we happily enjoy on Sundays.  I like to mix several flours together, usually the base will be whole wheat, then I might add some rice and buckwheat flour.  In this recipe, I added all of the above, plus a new entry, lentil flour.  In addition, I added some poppy seeds, which I love for the tiny crunch.  It's how food would say...wake up!  Do you trust me if I say they are damn good?!

For the wholewheat-buckwheat-rice-lentil flour pancakes in the picture up above, refer to the basic recipe I use here, and simply substitute the amount of flour used with an equal dose of each of the here mentioned flours, plus 2 teaspoons (or more) of poppy seeds.  Top them off with a dollop of crème fraîche, some maple syrup and have a lovely rest of the week! 


  1. Poetry in your shoots ....this is when I like you most ...besides when you leave me some freshly-baked cookies which are already gooooone!

  2. Beautiful fall pictures! I particularly like the second photo.