Monday, January 20, 2014

how about poached pears for dessert?

pears & vanilla creampears & vanilla cream2
There's no fuss here.  Poached pears accompanied with a lightly scented vanilla cream, will please anyone, anytime. The simplicity is of disarming goodness.  More than a recipe, see this in terms of enhancing fruit to make what can be considered a remarkable dessert. Or just an idea for something different than cake.

Cooked fruit usually is considered less when deciding on which dessert you would like to have in a restaurant or served at home.  Probably because it's just too simple to be thought of, but it turns out to be perfect because of its being so simple.  
First off, use ripe firm pears.  Once they're washed and peeled place them standing up in a pot and pour a bottle of red wine or enough to cover the pears. Choose good red wine, nothing cheap nor expensive, something in between of your choice.  The procedure would be the same to make mulled wine, the same we discussed a couple of posts back, with the addition of a few whole pears.  As the pears gently simmer on a low heat, the wine will slowly enter the flesh building flavor in such a delicate way.  The liquid becomes a wine syrup which you can filter and serve next to the pear as a drink.  Cook for approximately 15-20 minutes, or until the pears are tender but still firm, use a knife to poke and check. Remove the pears from the liquid and serve warm.  

The pear alone is delicious but served with double cream, previously whipped with some vanilla bean paste, is just perfect. 

If you plan to organize a dinner with friends give this a try.  It can be made ahead of time and warmed at the last minute.  Doesn't just this make you so happy?! :)



  1. Mi piace l'idea di migliorare con poco un ingrediente già tanto buono di suo! Poi, vabbè, sono da sempre una sostenitrice della semplicità:) Credo che in un piatto premi sempre, soprattutto quando si usano ottimi ingredienti... un abbraccio Elvira e buon fine settimana

    1. La pensiamo proprio uguale! ... e poi c'è quella canzone che ce la racconta ancora meglio... serve me tomatoes and mashed potatoes give me a simple life :)
      Un abbraccio a te Marianna. A presto.