Monday, March 24, 2014

wild asparagus

wild asparagus
wild asparagusThe magnolia in my nextdoor neighbor’s garden has announced the season through its lovely flowers. The light outside shines differently now, the greens are greener, the whites are whiter and the days are longer. I’m wanting to grab flowers as I see them bloom. I feel the need to regenerate and breathe the fresh air. The allergies have come, the sneezing with them but I know that spring is here and even if it brings some craziness in constant changing weather, it’s making me feel good. 

And look! Wild asparagus. 

As the earth comes back to life, this delectable seasonal treat is of worthy pursuit.

Here's something that brings spring on a plate. Choose a tender batch of wild asparagus, snap off the tough ends and use them raw in a salad, add some mandarin pieces, (maybe some green leafs and sesame seeds too). Make a vinaigrette with good extra virgin olive oil, the juice of a mandarin, some salt and a dash of whole grain dijon mustard. Give it a good whisk and dress your asparagus salad.  As simple as that.
wild asparagus salad


  1. I fiori di magnolia sono profumatissimi, avevo una pianta in giardino e quanto la rimpiango!! Mio padre un bel giorno ha avuto la brillante idea di spostarla e così... non è sopravvisuta:((
    Adoro gli asparagi, tanto, troppo e mi piace l'idea di abbinarli ai mandarini per un piatto così! Poi vabbé, devo proprio dirtelo, le foto sono bellissime! Un abbraccio Elvira

    1. Puoi sempre comprare una nuova magnolia...esattamente quello faro' io (invece di guardare sempre quella della mia vicina). Sei sempre molto carina e non sai quanto mi faccia piacere sentire le tue parole. Un abbraccio a te e buon weekend!

  2. Yes, the appearance of asparagus on the markets is a true sign of spring. I love them simply fried on the pan, sprinkled with some sea salt or parmesan, or hidden in tarts or frittatas. Or, like you, raw in salads. Those asparagus photos are pure perfection, Elvira. Thank you for this highly inspirational post!