Wednesday, April 2, 2014

wood oven baked bread & more

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If only I can staple the aroma of this bread to these images.  

From the minute my hands meet flour to the moment I pull the bread from the oven, everything, to me, becomes extraordinarily rewarding.  The kneading and the rising of dough renders so much gratitude. I can say it is the thing I love to do most in my kitchen.

Saturday we decided to make some wood oven baked bread, which brought to the tasting of focaccia… which brought to some genuine hand cut prosciutto…a light rucola and pine nut pesto, lots of extra virgin olive oil and salt.  This is the type of “merenda” (or light afternoon snack meal) you would typically find over at my place on a beautiful sunny day.  No invitations needed.  The whole family was together and this casually called for the event, making bread taste even better.  
wood ovenbaked bread2
wood oven baked bread7
wood ovenbaked bread1
While my nice-perfectly-puffed-dough, was on the table, ready to go in the oven… my curious little ninja-nephew gets an itch and pokes his finger in one of the loafs, then he goes to the next one and gives it a pinch.  

Picture my facial expression.

Now, picture his facial expression.  

The contrasting difference is evident, no?  My favorite little guy is lucky I make him get away with everything but I was luckier when I saw the dough, unbelievably, bounce back into shape. 
wood ovenbaked bread4wood oven baked bread8
paninowood oven baked bread9
I am so used to making my own bread that I go by the eye.  I never stick to the same dose, because it always depends on the flour I use, but I do stick to the same ingredients, flour, water, yeast and salt and I always vary the types of flour.  My bread recipe, which is very basic, may give you a different result just because you may be using a flour that absorbs more or less water than the four I used when making this bread. 

I’ll leave you with some really good books I’ve read on the topic and from which I learned so much.


  1. ....can still smell the bready aroma .... mmmmmm

  2. I'm reading this while having carrot bread rolls baking in the oven. So hello to you, here's another one in love with water, yeast, and flour. There's something truly magical in the process of making bread. The Tartine books as well as the one from Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois is on the top of my cookbook wishlist. Can't wait to get my hands on them!

    1. Carrot bread rolls sound I need the recipe! I agree, there is something magical and addictive in making bread.

      Zoe's book is perfection are going to want to make every recipe!

  3. Beautiful and mouthwatering!