Tuesday, May 27, 2014

panino amoremio

squid ink black bread
Usually it's my husband that makes the best panini in town, but I don't know if he can beat me on this one!

I say that it's the bread that makes a good panino and he says it's the filling.  I can agree with him in part, and only because he never disappoints me, but it's also true that, the bread maker, right here, always has a good homemade bread in the cupboard and this itself, contributes a great deal with his good panino making :))
squid ink black bread
You can definitely eat a panino with any filling that pleases you but if the bread is insipid, it will, all in all, ruin the panino even if filled with the tastiest of fillings. You will find yourself toasting the bread or smothering too much unnecessary flavours and still, it won't be like a panino with good fresh, possibly homemade, bread.  

If, on the other hand, you start with the right bread, you really don't need much to turn it into a great panino because the taste is already there.  Take this black squid ink bread for instance. Unlike what you would think, the squid ink won't predominate, yet it releases a delicate fish after-taste, almost unperceivable, enough to give an idea.  Enough of an idea to pair it with fish as an unquestionable, if not, a perfect combination. Only this makes my fantasy run wild and as I write, many more ideas come to my mind, I can see tuna, crabmeat, shrimp patties, caviar ... or spicy hot octopus with tomato fillets.  

Today my choice is a black squid ink panino with smoked salmon, a light spread of butter, some fresh greens and a dill pickle.

The bread recipe is here with the addition of 60gr squid ink. 

*The photos where you see my hands rolling and polling were taken by my sister.  I forced her, she had no choice, but I think she did a good job.  Don't you think so? :)))salmon panino with squid ink black bread


  1. Brava tu (come sempre) ma brava anche la sorellona/sorellina che si è prestata per fare la foto...

    Ma il marito panettiere cosa ha detto di questo meraviglioso pane??


    1. In teoria (e anche in pratica) la panettiera (dilettante) sarei io, e lui il paninaro! Ha gradito!
      ... e sa perfettamente che il suo titolo da bravo paninaro non esiterebbe senza i miei panini ;)

      Ma qui in fatto di pane mi dai una pista!

  2. Ciao Elvira! That bread really looks amazing. Can you tell me where did you find the squid ink and how do you did you use it? ;)

    1. Ciao Ana! Thank you for stopping by. You can find the squid ink at the supermarket. In Rome, I buy it at Carrefour, in the fridge-fish section where they stack the smoked salmon, caviar etc. You can also ask the fish merchant to save you some when they clean squids.

      It is sold in tiny plastic containers and all you need to do is cut a corner and squeeze the ink out directly into the dough. You can do the same thing if you make homemade pasta.

      Let me know if you try ;)

  3. Beh però adesso mi lasci senza parole! Coi lievitati ci litigo ancora, vado d'amore e d'accordo solo con il pane senza impasto - sarà perché non devo impastare??:)) - . Sei stata bravissima, il colore è fantastico e scommetto anche il sapore!! Un abbraccio Elvira e buon fine settimana