Friday, July 24, 2015

refreshing food

prosciutto e melone
Summer in Rome is dead hot! I can say that the heat is so dense and thick that it can be physically touched by hand. The feeling is like being pulled by Dante into the Inferno with no return, if you know what I mean.  This has brought me to lose my sleep, my energy, my mental stability but, for no reason in the world, did I lose my appetite.  Although the appetite is always strong, I do, however, prefer light refreshing food like a cold sliced melon, wrapped with prosciutto, preferably under a cool breeze, and in lack of such, a full blast air-conditioner will do as well.  

Here’s a different way to put some melon and prosciutto together.  It will make you feel good and full and you don’t need to cook over hot flames, which is an optimal solution for everyone these days.
prosciutto e melone
Melon and Prosciutto Gazpacho
adapted from the Italian magazine Sale & Pepe

3 slices bread, only the crumb
1 small red onion
3 tbsp apple vinegar
1 melon (any variety)
1 cucumber, peeled and seeded
1 cup of plain yogurt
Extra virgin olive oil

Place the bread crumb in a small bowl and let it soak with the apple vinegar.  Put the melon, red onion, cucumber, plain white yogurt in a blender and blend until puréed.  Squeeze the vinegar from the bread crumb, discard the vinegar and add the soaked bread in the blender.  Add salt, pepper and basil to taste and blend again until smooth.  Refrigerate until chilled and serve with fresh melon and prosciutto, some more chopped basil, a drizzle of EVO and a dash of pepper.


  1. Elvira, this looks divine. My challenge here in Virginia will be to find a good enough melon. They lack the intense flavor of Italian melons, but if there is a good one out there I will find it and make this gazpacho. I am still thinking of our wonderful lunch in Rome and looking forward to next time. Un abbraccio!

    1. I already know where to take you the next time you come, will be a surprise and hopefully on a cooler note ;)

  2. Non c'è cosa più bella del visitare il proprio blog preferito ammirando tutte le sue ultime ricette! Speravo in un salto a Roma ma sarà difficile e non immagini quanto questo mi rende infelice perché avrei davvero voluto abbracciarti. Il caldo è eccessivo anche lungo la costa, ma va bene così... eheh lo dice una che soffre terribilmente il freddo, perciò non faccio testo :)) La foto dei meloni mi piace tantissimo!!
    Un abbraccio Elvira cara

    1. Meglio che ti risparmi di venire a Roma in questo periodo rischi di ritrovarti spalmata sull'asfalto :) anzi sai che ti dico, vengo io da te!! Ti mando un forte abbraccio e spero di incontrarti al più presto. <3